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Kerry Bowyer, BPIF Training Co-ordinatorKerry Bowyer, BPIF Training Co-ordinator

November 2018

It was 1989 and the security of my school days were coming to an end, it was time to start making some serious decisions about what future I wanted.

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Matt Heywood, Warwick Print Team Leader

Matt Heywood, Warwick Print Team Leader

Matt Heywood started a Level 3 Digital Print apprenticeship scheme at Warwick Print, he has excelled and has now been offered a full time permanent Team Leader role within the business. He answers our questions about his experience on the apprenticeship scheme.

1. Were you interested in print before you started your apprenticeship?

Before beginning my apprenticeship, I had received an offer for a place on a graphic design course at UAL Camberwell, but I couldn't afford the cost of going to university. I began to look for an alternative route into design and printing.

2. What made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship?

I decided to go through the apprenticeship scheme as a path to gain recognised qualifications and experience. I had found it difficult to get into gainful employment with just GCSE's and A-Levels; deciding it would be worthwhile to go back into education.

3. What have you enjoyed about the experience so far?

I have enjoyed the day to day opportunities to problem solve, and gaining confidence in producing work without supervision; progressing to be trusted to produce higher value work for valued clients. I have also enjoyed learning to understand the processes involved in producing printed products in finer detail.

4. Do you feel you have benefitted from undertaking your apprenticeship?

I believe my apprenticeship has put me in a stronger position as an employee, and helped my personal development within the print industry leading to full time employment within Warwick Print, and giving me a solid foundation to build upon into further education.

5. What do you think you've learnt? E.g. of the industry, about yourself etc.

Through my apprenticeship and via the experience gained working at Warwick Print I have had exposure to most aspects of cut-sheet digital printing from producing books to exhibition stands. I have personally developed an understanding of working within a production environment to where I am now able to manage the production team as team leader.

6. Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

I think an apprenticeship is a valuable route into gainful employment for those who prefer a more vocational approach to learning.


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