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How the BPIF can help you avoid the forthcoming hike in the Climate Change Levy.


The BPIF’s Climate Change Levy Reduction Scheme allows printing companies to claim huge discounts off the levy that appears on all industries energy bills. And the good news is that the government has recently extended the scheme for a further two years and opened it up again for new joiners.

This means you could join the 350 printing companies currently benefitting from the scheme to the collective tune of £14 million annually. But hurry as the window of opportunity for new joiners is only open until the end of November 2020.

The annual savings on offer depend on the energy consumption of a particular site and are shown below for various consumption levels.



Annual Usage in kWh's

Annual Savings from April 2020


500,000 kWh's



1,000,000 kWh's



3,000,000 kWh's



1,000,000 kWh’s



2,000,000 kWh’s 



3,000,000 kWh's


If you want to find out how much your site could benefit simply send us your annual consumption in kWh’s or a couple of representative bills and we can work this out for you.

If the savings are attractive the BPIF will guide you through the application process and help ensure energy efficiency targets are set appropriately so you receive the maximum financial benefits from the scheme.

How we help you: 

  • Calculate the savings on offer
  • Visit or video call to walk you through the application requirements
  • Provide worked examples of all the required forms
  • Provide feedback on a sites submission until it is ready
  • Submit the application forms on the sites behalf
  • Inform the member of the next steps once the company has been accepted, i.e. how to claim the discount
  • Invoice for the annual fee once the site has been informed how to claim the discount. Invoice once they have an agreement and are eligible for the discount, so no up-front fees
  • However as you only have until the end of November 2020 to complete your application, if you think your sites saving could be worthwhile please contact us as a matter of urgency. The minimum annual cost of the scheme is £1,000 plus VAT plus an Environment Agency fee of £185 for member companies with a turnover of under £10m.

    For more information please contact:
    Steve Walker
    Steve Walker
    Commercial Products Manager

    01676 526 050

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