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The government has recently announced a welcome two year extension to the current Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme previously due to end in July 2025.

The voluntary scheme allows sites within 54 sectors to claim a significant reduction off the Climate Change Levy (CCL) that appears on every UK company’s energy bills. Eligible sites are required to join an Umbrella Agreement administered by the sector association for that industry and meet energy efficiency targets agreed between the government and that sector.

The BPIF has been entrusted by the government with the Umbrella Agreement on behalf of the whole print sector. It currently administers the scheme for around 330 of the larger energy users within the industry, saving the industry over £11million every year.

For further details please contact Steve Walker on 07801 981 326 or Darren Shepherd on 07714 134 655.


See below for dowloads to help with the application process and how to help maintain the scheme:

CCA Application Process Flow Download
CCA Scheme Maintenance Flow Download



330 of the larger companies in the industry are already on the scheme, saving the industry £11 million every year. The chart below gives an example of the savings available at various consumption levels.



Annual Usage in kWh's

Annual Savings from April 2020


500,000 kWh's



1,000,000 kWh's



3,000,000 kWh's



1,000,000 kWh’s



2,000,000 kWh’s 



3,000,000 kWh's


The minimum fee for the scheme is £1,185 for a member site with a turnover of less than £10m

For more information please contact:
Steve Walker
Steve Walker
Commercial Products Manager
01676 526 050
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