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Provides a network for likeminded people in the industry to discuss sector focused topics, technology and set best practice for the industry. Along with being a platform to promote and develop the sector whilst ensuring it remains sustainable. It also represents the interest of the sector to the UK government and through its associations with the supply chain.

BPIF members can join the books special interest group (SIG) for a very modest fee and access additional information, services and events that relate more specifically to the very specialised books sector of print and packaging market space. The group also holds or attends social networking events including such as London Book Fair (LBF), BPIF Book Awards and various associate networking events.

The objective for the books special interest group (SIG) is to provide a forum for companies in the book printing sector to access specialist advice on matters affecting the industry and influence the UK and European governments on legislation affecting the sector. The members group strives to identify those areas where help, support, information and advice may not be available from other sources and looks to fill those gaps for the benefit of its members.

  • To foster helpful collaborative relationships throughout the relevant supply chain and potentially our EU counterparts where this is commercially sensible to do so.
  • To benchmark data - data collected in a concise, uniform and describable way can potentially be integrated with useful supply chain data (publishers and suppliers).
  • To educate and support the supply chain.
  • To measure and influence environmental issues.
  • To measure and influence supply chain efficiencies.
  • To understand (and potentially influence) any Country-of-Origin issues.
  • To provide information to assist/drive technology trends or purchases.
  • To enable valuable data countertrade - up and down the supply chain (exchanging useful but non commercially sensitive data).
  • To create and deliver sector specific book training (where required).




For more information please contact:
Simon Crump
Simon Crump
General Manager, BPIF Books

01234 567 891

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