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Display & POS – How do we make an impact in retail?
BPIF and Ricoh joined forces to provide you with an insightful roundtable that will explore how print makes an impact in the retail space.
BPIF Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme
The BPIF launches the Display & POS 2 Recycling Scheme with Prismm Environmental. With support from the *BPIF sector interest group, it was scoped the requirements companies need to abide by to exhibit high recycling standards for this sector.
New Large Print Format Brand Launches from Buckland Family Heritage
Born from the heritage of the region’s longest standing print and design providers, Buckland Media Group, Cactus Graphics has been co-founded by Katie Weaver and Richard Archer.
BPIF Display & POS - Join our recycling scheme
As a recycling scheme which adheres to the following requirements and support and ongoing endeavour to improve environmental sustainability with the visual display and POS sector
Antalis launches its global initiative for a more sustainable visual communication industry
Antalis launches its global initiative for a more sustainable visual communication industry.
Platinum Award Win for Film Inspired Premier Display Graphics Stand
In 2019 Premier Paper linked up with midlands based communications agency DRPG to help launch the merchant’s new Display Graphics division at Sign & Digital UK, creating one of the most exciting, eye catching and engaging exhibition stands that the industry has seen in recent years.
Premier Paper & Semaphore – Millennium Centre NHS Graphics
Premier Paper has teamed up with Semaphore Display to help say a big thank you or ‘diolch’ to the NHS with a graphic installation at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Premier Display Graphics – the SDUK Sequel
Whoever said that sequels are always worse has clearly never seen The Godfather Part II, The Dark Knight, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back or even Terminator: Judgment Day. The same can be said for the latest Premier Display Graphics instalment at Sign & Digital UK 2020 which, following on from their premiere in 2019, promises to be another show-stopping performance from one of the UK’s leading suppliers of print media.
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