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"Print communicates, educates, and inspires. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in this industry"

This toolkit gives advice about finding and attracting new employees to the print, print packaging and graphic communications sector, and keeping them in our industry. It is part of the EU-funded project: 'Attracting a New Skilled Workforce for Quality Jobs in the European Graphic Industry'1 (hereafter referred to by its short title: Print Your Future). 

The toolkit has been designed to help companies and associations to raise the profile and attractiveness of our sector, as well as pointing to concrete examples of best practices from across Europe. The guide is not exhaustive but will give readers inspiration and ideas about how to improve the image of print for the purposes of recruitment and employment.

Printing companies, like the products they produce, are everywhere and are relied upon by many sectors. The printing industry is an important contributor to Europe's economy. A fundamental asset of the sector is its workforce, and a new generation of print professionals is required to keep companies sufficiently dynamic and agile to respond to challenges. 

To guarantee the enduring competitiveness of the graphical sector in Europe, we must work together to promote the modern and innovative printing industry, ensure we both equip and inspire future generations, and raise the profile of workers in the sector with good conditions and career perspectives. 

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