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All printers want to pride themselves in their HR management, but few measure themselves objectively and even fewer carry out independent reviews of their human resource practices. The BPIF HR health check is quick, easy and will provide you with a full gap analysis review of your current practices. In completing this, will provide you with a clear work-to list of actions to improve. 

Our human resources platform provides you with an intuitive online tool, which will allow you to carry out a self-assessment health check to make sure that you stay on top of our recommended working practices. It is easy to use, with 7 clear simple steps which will support and guide you through developing an extensive action plan for compliancy, with tools and resources at hand.

1.   Login to your personalised health check portal BPIF Online Health Check (

2.   Select your personalised questionnaire to begin the health check 

3.   Use the assisted descriptions to answer the question sections 

4.   Once your questions are completed, get your health check results 

5.   Review your level of compliancy via your personalised report 

6.   You'll find your bespoke action plan based around the report recommendations

7. Recommendations are web-linked within the Action Plan, through to the BPIF Becoming Compliant Road Map for clear guidance and support

Such topics presented through these tools  are current practices on topics such as: HR Responsibility & Personnel Records, Recruitment, Selections And Induction, Terms & Conditions Of Employment, Employee Rights, Discipline At Work, Grievances, etc. The questions are based on the legal requirements and best working practices for the printing industry.

Platinum members support only –

We have industry expert advisers available to support you through this online process and can conduct the health check with you by taking you through each series of specified questions

Once you have your action plan produced, our advisers can also work through the plan with you, or alternatively self-service yourself with the guidance that we have available – click here to be directed to our step-by-step guidance


For further information, or to know more about the platform, get in contact with your regional HR adviser today or contact our central office. 

Central Tele: 01676 526 051  | Central Email:  [email protected]

Facts - What is Involved
  • In-depth review of current legislation compliance
  • Identification of shortfalls against accepted best practice
  • Clear report advising of corrective actions that need to be made or implemented
  • Step-by-step guidance, with suggested documents and forms, free to Platinum members
  • Promotes best practice in HR
  • Identifies opportunities for specific improvements
  • Up to date on current legislation
  • Assists with tender documentation
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