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Inprint Issue 67
September/October 2021

Welcome to the September/October issue of Inprint. I hope you’re enjoying summer and easing back into a sense of post-Covid normality. It goes without saying that the past year and a half has been a challenge, and we get insights into this by speaking to three print business owners about their personal experience of the pandemic on page 22. As we move forward, we continue to provide you with up-to-date information on need to know topics. You can read the latest on the furlough scheme and ensure you are compliant on page 6, and find out how to calculate your company’s carbon emissions on page 15. We also provide you with an update on training on page 10 and a lobbying update on page 16. 

We look back at our first virtual BPIF Members’ Day in July with a wrap up of the day’s activities on page 20. 

We have an extremely exciting few months coming up on the events front. We delve into the theme of Sustainability through Innovation at our upcoming three-day Visual Media Conference (21-23 September) and warm up our vocal chords for Carols for Printers, which is making a return in December. Our British Book Design & Production Awards has drawn over 500 entries, and we look forward to celebrating our finalists on 8 November at our Awards ceremony. We also have various training, HR and HSE workshops and forums for you to attend and get involved with. Our events page on the website is continually updated so be sure to keep an eye out. You can read more on page 28. 

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue, and hope that you find it useful. 

Happy reading. 

Inprint Issue 67

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September/October 2021
Welcome to the September/October issue of Inprint. I hope you’re enjoying summer and easing back into a sense of post-Covid normality.
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