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The BPIF HR Seal of Excellence Award is a great way for individuals, departments and businesses to demonstrate their expertise both internally and to the Print Industry. Often the SOE award is just one stage in a programme of continued improvement.

To achieve the Seal of Excellence for HR, a minimum score of 80% must be scored on the HR Healthcheck and all mandatory areas must be passed. Members will be asked to have information prepared ready for the visit for verification purposes. Feedback will be given on the day and the company representative and the BPIF Adviser will agree the company position, and any improvement work that is needed. The HR Seal of Excellence audit will be carried out every two years and the company score must be maintained or improved during this period.

Where a company achieves a score of over 80% and passes all mandatory fields in three or more audits in any two year period, then the company will be eligible for the ultimate accolade, the BPIF Seal of Business Excellence.

There will be no cost to Platinum members, whilst Gold and Silver members can pay for any audit and win any consequential Seals at the BPIF business daily rate.

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