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Environmental and sustainability requirements are at the forefront of the focus for the industry; the Environmental Road Map is here to help you to start on the path, continue to develop or review your environmental requirements. The content is intended to help you continually grow your knowledge and performance and can be used by any company no matter where they are in their journey.

The journey starts with a Baseline Self-assessment which is a handful of easy answerable questions to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate what environmental requirements your company has in place and what needs to be considered, highlighting the areas you would need to focus on - this is presented in a report.

The Baseline Assessment Report will direct you to the Resource Area which is intended to help you find where you are on the route to saving costs by reducing wastes, protecting yourself from legal and climate risks, understanding and responding to customer demands as they become more environmentally aware and concerned, being able to look ahead to any new requirements on the horizon, and achieving better environmental and sustainability performance. The road map delivers content that provides insight, best practice, case studies and guidance, along with links to external information and resources.

As environmental requirements are changing and updating the road map will be a proactive platform that feature the latest information. 

BPIF Platinum and Gold members automatically have access to the Environmental Road Map Baseline Assessment and Resource Area Silver members have access to the Environmental Baseline Assessment and Report but will need to request access to the resource area by emailing [email protected].  
If you are not yet a member of the BPIF, but would like to gain access to the road map do not hesitate to email us on [email protected] as we are here to provide the industry with support. 
Click here to start your journey with the Baseline Assessment.
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