Digital Printing (Pre-press & Artwork) Level 3
Digital Printing (Pre-press & Artwork) Level 3

"Every day is different and no two jobs or customers are the same."

Sophie Chuter, Level 2 Digital Printing – Production

Digital Printing (Pre-press & Artwork) Level 3

Who Should Attend

This qualification is split into three pathways - Digital printing (Printer, digital printer), digital pre-press and digital artwork (desktop publisher, graphic designer, Print designer, pre-press manager).

The level three apprenticeship is aimed  at candidates who are regularly designing artwork and who are capable of working without direct supervisions - producing creative artwork, maintaining digital systems, running equipment and controlling output and quality

Key Topics

The aim of the apprenticeship is to develop an individual so that they are competent in their role but they also need to know what they are doing and why. To aid this the apprentices will study a Technical Certificate, they will cover the following key areas and will be able to describe and explain them:

  • Health & Safety
  • Personal Development
  • Industry overview
  • Employment Rights & responsibilities
  • Productivity
  • Quality, including quality systems
  • Proofing / Control output and quality
  • Operate digital printing machines
  • Manage colour reproduction
  • Understanding the main printing processes
  • Plan work to meet production requirements
  • Send/receive digital files
  • Plan and capture digital images
  • Maintain digital systems in working order
  • Design and produce creative digital colour artwork for print
  • Prepare/create digital colour artwork for print
  • Prepare stencils
  • Make plates for lithographic printing
  • Improve individual and organisational performance



24 to 36 months

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For more information please contact:
Max Walkington
Max Walkington
Head of Data and Compliance
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