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Finding the perfect blend for F Bender Limited

Founded in 1899, F Bender Limited based in North Wales, are dedicated to manufacturing hot paper cups, with one of the broadest ranges, all made in the UK with chain of custody accreditation, supplied across the UK and Europe.

F Bender Limited wanted to limit the time and resource required to maintain their energy contracts whilst accessing wholesale electricity and gas markets. Budget certainty for the duration of their contract was their main driver in order to accurately budget for the forthcoming years. Inenco signed F Bender to fixed price utility procurement as this provided both access to wholesale markets along with budget certainty for their confidence in forecasting.

Step 1 - Data gathering

We gathered the required data to take a view of F Bender’s portfolio.

Step 3 - Analysed results

Inenco’s Procurement Specialists collated the results and reported back with a list of recomendations.

Step 2 - Approached suppliers

We approached a range of suppliers and negotiated the best terms for the business.

Step 4 - Placed contract

We placed the supply contract with F Bender’s preferred supplier and ensured that offered terms were applied.


F Bender wanted the simplest approach to thewholesale electricity and gas markets, which Inenco has delivered for them since 2004, that's 13 years and counting! Inenco continues to outperform the market on behalf of F Bender year on year, ensuring they get the best available terms in line with their strategy for simplicity. We saved F Bender £80,000 on their most recent procurement deal, an 8% saving on their current energy spend. 

13 December 2019

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