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3 August 2017

Subdued growth in Q2 as costs mount and confidence is shaken

Subdued growth in Q2 as costs mount and confidence is shaken

Subdued growth in Q2 orders and output as costs mount and confidence is shaken - industry voices Brexit concern but hopeful for stability.

The second quarter of 2017 did not live up to the hopeful expectations for the period but did display some growth in the volume of output and orders - Q3 is forecast to continue this trend. The latest Printing Outlook survey shows 38% of printers increased output levels in the second quarter of 2017. A further 39% held output steady whilst 24% experienced a decline in output. The resulting balance (the difference between the ups and the downs) was +14; quite a bit less than +27 in Q1. However, the latest Q2 balance compares favourably to last year's equivalent Q2 balance of 3.

Featured in Printing Outlook this quarter:

  • The BPIF's new Brexit and Post-Brexit barometers.
  • Costs - paper & board, ink, labour and energy.
  • Pay Reviews - activity and average % changes.
  • Data on capacity, productivity, margins and more.
  • Consumables - paper consumption data and printing ink volumes and values.

Thanks to all survey respondents for their participation; sponsorship from Konica Minolta means all respondents will receive a printed copy of Printing Outlook. Please respond to the next survey in October to ensure that you receive your copy in the future.

The full Printing Outlook report is available as a free download to BPIF members using the 'More on Printing Outlook' web link below. There is also an unrestricted press release available on the download link below.

PO Press 3Aug2017 - Size: 441Kb Download
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Kyle Jardine
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