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13 May 2022

MBM Print to cut costs and boost productivity with new Palamides Delta 502 Pro

MBM Print to cut costs and boost productivity with new Palamides Delta 502 Pro

Glasgow-based print service provider MBM Print has installed a new Palamides Delta 502 Pro fully automatic, stack-forming delivery system, with the aim of improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

Purchased from Friedheim International, the exclusive provider of Palamides equipment in the UK and Ireland, the Palamides Delta 502 Pro was installed at MBM Print’s facility in East Kilbride in April 2022.

MBM Print already has in place a range of digital, web and lithographic printing machinery, with the new Palamides Delta 502 Pro slotting into this production line-up to strengthen the company’s diverse service offering, which includes complex data driven print and supply chain management.

Installing the powerful Palamides automatic delivery machine means the number of staff required to run the company’s saddle stitching machine has been significantly reduced, thus freeing up these employees to take on other important jobs across the production process.

With more staff now available for other tasks, this means MBM Print now has the potential to operate even faster, allowing it to deliver work to customers quicker and even take on additional jobs and projects – reducing costs and increasing productivity in the process.

The Palamides Delta Pro range offers users a number of advantages over existing models, including increased operating sizes on the Palamides Delta Pro 502 and the larger Palamides Delta Pro 703.

Both models also feature a new screen that is more operator-friendly than existing models and significantly improves the overall user experience. 

The Palamides Delta Pro 502 and Palamides Delta Pro 703 set new standards for speed and format range, while trouble-free sealing of the band is ensured with the sturdy, reliable electronic impulse welding system (EIS).

This patented process ensures even products on heavy weight materials that are likely to ‘spring open’ are handled without problems along with slippery material and products with bulky spines. The buffer table ensures that the products are delivered to the operator at the perfect height and provides enough room for the operator to check and pack the bundles of finished product. 

The Delta Pro also monitors the products at the infeed and ejects any products that are incorrectly folded or trimmed before the collating are of the machine.

Click here to find out more about the Palamides Delta Pro 502.  



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