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11 May 2021

BPIF Cyber security Forum– don’t miss out on our webinar!

BPIF Cyber security Forum– don’t miss out on our webinar!

BPIF Cyber security Forum– don’t miss out on our webinar! 

Whether you are a small scale business or a multinational organisation - all businesses in today’s world deal with cyber threats. 

“Businesses are more reliant on technology than ever and this will not stop for the foreseeable future. Our reliance on technology is constantly evolving, and the future of our sector involves handling, processing and analysing more and more data, often from clients, and frequently confidential and sensitive.  We need to ensure that our organisations, and our sector as a whole has a strong reputation in its approach to cyber security, in understanding and reducing risks, and how to develop and implement a robust secure data environment”, BPIF CEO, Charles Jarrold 

Purely relying on anti-virus software will not stop hackers from accessing your business. 

There is a crucial role that needs to be played by educating employees/business to ensure they reduce their chances of cyber risks. The increased measures and efforts that cyber criminals are taking, coupled with the rapid shift to digital brought on by the pandemic has emphasised the importance of organisations setting out their cyber strategy.


58% of UK Organisation cited an attach on cloud services


(PWC Cyber report 2021)

What is the BPIF Cyber Security Forum?

The BPIF Cyber Security Forum is a BPIF community set up to support the industry in developing and improving its approach to data and cyber security and to provide a “go to” resource for IT leads in understanding options and best practice and in the event of incident management.

This forum is a curated and confidential Technical Forum of senior technical employees from organisations that handle and process critical confidential and financial data for their clients. The forum defines and shares best practice and learning ideas, strengthens networks and relationships.

The forum will also act as a peer to peer advisory network for incident management. 

‘Adare SEC are delighted to be supporting the BPIF’s Cyber Security Forum. The nature of the work in this vital industry requires every Service Provider to manage client and customer data and whilst historically this has been largely limited to the creation of print output, the industry today is rapidly re-pivoting it’s capabilities towards digital delivery and complimentary digital solutions and capabilities that will require a much sharper focus on data and information security. Preparing for this increased risk while re-platforming their business will be a significant challenge for many Service Providers, as such having an established industry body that can help their members to safely navigate these challenges is hugely important for Service Providers, their clients and of course, their customers.’

Andrew Herd, CDIO, Adare SEC

This year the forum is working to create a Cyber Security Road Map; the purpose of the road map will be to provide the industry with a platform that provides them with best practice and guidance for how a company can manage, maintain and improve their cyber security and data management requirements. The intention is for it to be a resource platform to enable companies to follow a pathway to develop and retain a high level of cyber security and data management.  

What are the forum’s objectives?

  • To provide a forum for companies in the industry that have a cyber security, data and IT focus. 
  • To provide specialist advice and services on matters affecting the industry.
  • To provide the sector with platform to educate and engage with the industry. 
  • To provide an avenue for collaboration.
  • To provide a platform for companies to report incidents.
  • To raise awareness of the issues affecting the industry. 
  • To promote innovation & technical advances, where they impact upon the industry.
  • To provide an advisory network for individuals who are company IT, data and cyber leads. If you would like to participate in the forum or would like more information contact [email protected] 

Want to learn more about cyber breaches? 

Join us at the next BPIF Print Network Webinar on the 3rd June at 1pm that will look at how to deal with a breach using a live scenario. 

The webinar will be a live demonstration of a data breach, with our partners, Aston Lark, to give you an opportunity to understand, in more depth, the severity of not being cyber secure. This will be a thought provoking and interactive session. 

This interactive workshop will revolve around a live ransomware scenario impacting a printing business.  The workshop will focus on:

  • The practical impact of a ransomware attack
  • The team of experts that will need to be assembled, what each team will do and some essential considerations for selecting your experts
  • The key commercial, legal and regulatory decisions that need to be made when facing a ransomware incident
  • The potential financial and reputational exposures that arise from the incident
  • What you can do to minimise the chances of being impacted by ransomware

 Click here to register:

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