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Winning and Keeping Customers After Brexit Workshop
Winning and Keeping Customers After Brexit Workshop
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For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
01924 203335

The BPIF is providing a Winning and Keeping Customers After Brexit Workshop on the 17th April, 10am - 4pm at the BPIF Central Office. This fast-paced course helps you to look at fundamentals of your business - what you produce, who you can sell it to, how much you can charge. It is focused on improving your profits through marketing and advertising, even in these uncertain times.

There is talk of a post-Brexit 'dip' in the economy. Many customers are already cutting back on expenditure. Can you survive a down-turn in business? Even if you can, do you want to? Wouldn't you rather see sales and profits grow? Whatever happens with Brexit, it is possible to get out there and win new business. And also to hang onto business from existing customers, rather than see them poached by desperate competitors driving down prices.

If you want more and better customers, you need to do some serious thinking.  Business guru Theodore Levitt once famously observed that "no-one wants to buy a drill -  they want a hole". What problems are you solving for your customers? Once you really understand potential customers' needs and how to meet them you can design your products and services to match. And once you really meet those needs, you can charge accordingly. That is, of course, assuming your potential customers even know you exist. So although there is much more to marketing than just advertising and promotion, you need to get that aspect right as well. Designed for business owners and directors, our board-level one-day introduction to winning and retaining customers will help you to ask the right questions, get the right answers and then do the right things.

Facts - What is involved

  • Targeted at business owners and directors.
  • Expert tuition from a qualified marketer with 30 years' experience of running businesses.
  • An introduction to the 'seven Ps of marketing' - the things you really need to know.


  • Leave with a clear understanding of what you can do to win new customers and hang onto old ones in a post-Brexit business environment.
  • Take away a 'road map' to help you draw up a plan for future sales and profit improvement.

£99 plus VAT for BPIF members and £199 plus VAT for BPIF non-members.

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