Energy Management
Case studies

Finding the perfect blend for F Bender Limited
F Bender Limited wanted to limit the time and resource required to maintain their energy contracts whilst accessing wholesale electricity and gas markets. Budget certainty for the duration of their contract was their main driver in order to accurately budget for the forthcoming years. Inenco signed F Bender to fixed price utility procurement as this provided both access to wholesale markets along with budget certainty for their confidence in forecasting.
Up-cycling a metal manufacturer’s energy strategy
After advising the client around energy procurement options, Inenco also identified additional options available to reduce the client's energy costs. Initially the client was unware of the financial benefits of schemes such as EII (Energy Intensive Idustries) exemption, CCA (Climate Change Agreement) management, invoice validation and streamlined reporting to their business.
A sustainable packaging manufactuer
The client came to Inenco in search of a tailored energy solution for their manufacturing sites. Recognising that both commodity prices were becoming more volatile and non-commodity costs were steadily increasing, they wanted a trusted partner to work closely with them to help manage and mitigate both sides of their energy costs.