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Printing Outlook is the BPIF's quarterly printing industry trends survey, compiled primarily from an online survey of BPIF members. It covers topics such as: your top business concerns, orders, output, price levels, capacity, costs, margins, investment, pay reviews, productivity, late payment and payment terms, public sector procurement, Web-to-print and paper & board prices and supply.

We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Canon, we'd like to thank Canon for their support - this will ensure all survey respondents receive a printed copy of Printing Outlook.

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As well as reporting on the BPIF's latest quarterly survey of trends in the printing industry, Printing Outlook now incorporates:

Printing Outlook is widely reported in the trade press, and feeds into the Bank of England and their provision of data to the Monetary Policy Committee. It is required reading for many suppliers to and investors in the industry, and is used by the BPIF to help represent the interests of our industry to other trade associations, the CBI, Government and the European and worldwide printing industries.

BPIF members can download the full report below; Printing Outlook press releases are available here.

BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2024


The UK’s printing and printed packaging industry has performed positively in terms of output and order growth in Q1, though lacking any dramatic improvements. However, the confidence outlook has undoubtedly taken a step up for Q2 – and orders and output are expected to grow more strongly. The BPIF has published its latest Printing Outlook report, the Q2 2024 edition shows that output and orders growth didn’t quite match the expectations for Q1, but we have now had two consecutive quarters of growth, which is more than we have had since 2022. Printing industry activity is expected to experience a stronger pick-up in Q2.

Whilst the aggregated data has shown some stabilisation and improvement, much of that improvement is based on expectations for Q2. The Printing Outlook survey is still picking up mixed signals on the state of trade, and plenty of opinions on a number of issues companies are currently experiencing. On the general economy, and the environment companies are operating in – inflation is coming down, just not as quickly as might have been expected; interest rates are staying high, a costly annoyance to those repaying Government Covid loans; business rates are critically high for some companies; increasing administrative and compliance burdens on companies; but perhaps the most voiced annoyance was with the increase to the National Living Wage.

The new Q2 2024 Printing Outlook report contains an expanded section on sustainability, showing the growing importance of tackling sustainability issues, accountability, and enhancing sustainability credentials in the printing and printed packaging industry.

In April, 70% of respondents reported that they are measuring their carbon emissions (50% for more than 12 months, and a further 20% for less than 12 months), up from 56% in October, and 38% in April last year. That now leaves 29% not yet measuring their emissions, and a further 1% of respondents that weren’t sure if their company was measuring emissions or not.

The BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2024 report features sections on industry turnover, business concerns, sustainability, costs, pay reviews, paper and board, and much more.

BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2024

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BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2024 BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2024
Output and orfer growth maintained in Q1 - confidence boost for Q2 as growth expectations rise.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2024 BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2024
Slight recovery in output and orders falls short of expectations in Q4 - confidence concerns mount in 2024.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2023 BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2023
Output and orders remained subdued in Q3 - but improved confidence stimulates better expectations to see out 2023.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2023 BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2023
Print industry output, orders and confidence all flatlined in Q2 - only marginal improvement forecast for Q3 despite continued cost stabilisation.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2023 BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2023
UK printing industry contracted in Q1 as output and order levels fell - bounceback in confidence and performance expected during Q2 as cost pressures top out.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2023 BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2023
UK printing subdued in Q4 as output and orders underperform - confidence is depressed but end to cost crisis ahead.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2022 BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2022
Print output and orders held firm in Q3 - expectations for Q4 have deteriorated as confidence falters.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2022 BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2022
Boost to output for UK printing in Q2 - confidence for Q3 dips amidst concern over the impact of rising energy costs.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2022 BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2022
UK printing industry output continues to recover - but output price increases not enough to offset energy, materials and wage cost increases and restore margins.
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