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Carbon Footprint

The industry’s first online, print specific, European-wide carbon calculator. Only available in the UK to BPIF members.


ClimateCalc enables you to measure your total carbon footprint or the carbon footprint of a specific job. It’s more accurate than other more generic tools as it uses data on paper, inks and plates from across Europe.

Developed with Intergraf and verified by external assessors, ClimateCalc is widely recognised across Europe. It comes in two variants, basic and standard and participants are audited annually by the BPIF.

The standard model allows you to input more job specific data, including ink and plates, while the basic model does the work for you by using industry standard information.

But even the basic model allows you to input different papers, giving your customers a choice of product at varying carbon footprints.


As well as helping you grow sales, fill in tenders, get on suppliers' lists, achieve or retain environmental standards, it can help you advise your customers on reducing the environmental impact of the job rather than purely talking price.

As environmental demands become a greater part of companies' purchasing strategy, it allows you to advise customers on paper types that could reduce CO2 emissions or carbon neutralise the job.

Many customers will expect suppliers to have standards such as ISO14001, FSC and PEFC, but very few will be offered a carbon footprint for a specific product, or alternative carbon footprints depending on the paper used. This can be done simply and cheaply while you have the customer on the phone and you can be confident that the figures have been verified and audited.

ClimateCalc Prices:

The following prices cover the online set up, the license and the annual BPIF audits (onsite audits for the standard product). The service is only available to BPIF members.

Employees Basic Annual Fee (including audit) Standard Annual Fee (including audit)
Under 10 £550 £900
Between 10 to 50 £650 £1,200
50 to 100 £850 £1,400
Over 100 £950 £1,600
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