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EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulations)

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EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulations)

EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulations) is an important initiative to tackle deforestation and forest degradation, which are primary drivers of the global climate and biodiversity crises.

It aims at reducing the EU's impact on global deforestation and forest degradation, and the main obligations for operators and traders will enter into application on 30 December 2024, with a longer transitional period for small and medium enterprises (30 June 2025).

EUDR only impacts virgin fibre-based commodities and products being placed on the EU market. It will not impact the same products that are sold within the UK market.

EU Deforestation Regulation

Printed products within scope of EUDR that might impact BPIF Members would include:

  • Printed books, brochures, leaflets, newspapers, journals and periodicals, children's picture, drawing or colouring books, music, maps, plans, stamps, banknotes, transfers, postcards, calendars, trade advertising material, catalogues, photographs, pictures etc
  • Printed packaging - ie cartons, envelopes but NOT packaging used to "support, protect or carry another product".
  • Paper labels.

**please note that the regulation guidance document extends to over 1000 pages so the above is not exhaustive**

Fully recycled paper and board are excluded from EUDR. If there is a proportion of virgin fibre in the material then it would be covered by the EUDR.

Initially the Environmental Forum meeting discussed the Regulation in October, and there was a subsequent Roundtable with BPIF Corporate Members, Associate Members and other organisations from across the industry.

Guidance is being developed with networks across Europe. The BPIF will provide detailed guidance to members ahead of the implementation after December 2024.

For initial guidance or interest please contact Darren Shepherd on [email protected] for further information.

BPIF Platinum and Gold members automatically have access to the Environmental Road Map Baseline Assessment and Resource Area Silver members have access to the Environmental Baseline Assessment and report but will need to request access to the resource area by emailing [email protected].