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Managing Discipline and Grievance Workshop
Managing Discipline and Grievance Workshop

The BPIF are running a one-day workshop based on managing discipline and grievance covering the following areas:

  • The manager's role in identifying performance or behavioural issues
  • A guide to new legislative framework on discipline, dismissal and grievance issues
  • How to spot the early signs of performance or behavioural issues; when to act
  • The consequences of doing nothing
  • A comprehensive toolkit for managers providing the skills needed to handle disciplinary and grievance
    hearings with confidence 

Who should attend?

This certificated workshop is designed for line managers, supervisors and others with HR responsibilities.

Why should you attend?

The BPIF Managing Discipline and Grievance Procedures Workshop will provide managers with a comprehensive toolkit, enabling them to know exactly what is required if faced with a dispute in the workplace. Managers will gain the essential knowledge, skills and insight to help prevent the need for formal disciplinary action in the first place, so averting a formal grievance procedure. Early management intervention is vital to ensure that a workforce is well managed and that both staff and management are clear about their obligations to each other.

The change in legislation governing how employers and employees deal with discipline, dismissal and grievance issues - which came into force on 6 April 2009 - highlighted the need for managers to be trained in performance management and in particular the skills required to handle conflict at work. Employers and employees are now expected to comply with the new ACAS Code of Practice on Handling Discipline and Grievance in the workplace. If they fail to do so, employment tribunals have discretionary powers to adjust awards by up to 25%. This means that employers and employees must be fully aware of what is required of them. The workshop will help managers to understand the Code and how to reflect it in their procedures.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Enable managers to understand their role in the discipline and grievance process
    Ensure essential procedures are followed
  • Highlight implications of the Employment Act 2008 and ACAS Code of Practice
  • Provide the tools to prepare and hold disciplinary and grievance hearings confidently
  • Help managers identify and decide on appropriate action required

The cost per delegate is £99 plus VAT for BPIF members, (£149 plus VAT for non-members) and booking is on a first come, first served basis. All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance. Delegate registration on the workshop includes a buffet lunch and refreshments along with full course notes for the day. Time: 09:30-16:00 approx.

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For more information please contact:
Ian Dalton
Ian Dalton
HR Business Partner – Help Desk
020 3031 2681
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