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In these Terms and Conditions "We" means "The British Printing Industries Federation" and "You" means any delegate or organisation attending any of our Events. "Events" means any course, seminar, awards evening or any other event promoted or organised by us whether on our premises or at any other location.

Cancellations will only be accepted if made in writing and received 14 working days before the event. No Refunds will be made for cancellations after this date or for non-attendance. Substitutions may be made at any time.
We reserve the right at any time and without prior warning to change the venue of the Event and/or Speakers from those described in the programme. We also reserve the right to cancel your booking where we need to do so due to circumstances outside of our control (including where sufficient numbers have not booked for the Event or the speakers are unavailable).
We shall have no liability for losses or costs which you may incur due to such cancellation but we shall refund your booking payment (in full as soon as possible) or offer you an alternative Event if one is available.