Inprint Issue 54
June/July 2018

And just like that, Inprint is 10. To celebrate, we’ve refreshed our appearance, and we hope you enjoy the new layout and additional content of this issue.

It’s great to have three leading women from our industry featured in this issue. On page 4, we hear from Terrye Teverson, MD of KCS Trade Print; and on pages 22 and 23, we interview Pamela Wainman, MD of Jadan Press, and MD of Print Search, Victoria Hart.

Our Public Affairs Adviser Carys Davis has been organising meetings between MPs and members. Check out her progress on page 12.

We explore how to get involved with tenders on page 16-17, and discuss the value of your waste and how to achieve the best results from your recycling (page 18-19).

Entries to the British Book Design and Production Awards close on 29 June, so if you have a winning book you’ve printed please submit it. And BPIF Members’ Day is fast approaching. Put 4 July in your diary. 

Inprint Issue 54

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Inprint Issue 54 Inprint Issue 54
June/July 2018
To celebrate 10 years of Inprint, we've refreshed our appearence, created a new layout and added additional content to this issue.
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