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The BPIF forming a School Engagement Forum for a potential Students in Print initiative. The aim is to help the print, packaging and digital industry address the much publicised skills and age gap, in the industry. The group will work to develop resources that will ensure future generations are informed of the print, media, digital and graphics industry as an interesting and valued career path.

The focus for this initiative will be to produce curricular linked resources that can be used by print businesses and other stakeholders to educate, provide insight and share knowledge on the industry for students from the age of 8 (primary school) to 18+ (secondary school, college, university and young job seekers).

Initiative Objectives

  • Promoting the industry to students, educators, careers hubs and associations.
  • Increasing the number and quality of industry apprentices.
  • Improving relationships between the printing sector and the educational sector.
  • Providing companies with easy access to resources and a framework with which to engage with schools, colleges and universities.

Initiative Aim

  • Create a number of platforms and frameworks for members to engage with young people to make them aware of the roles and career opportunities in the industry.
  • Create opportunities for involvement in initiatives and events that can drive increased uptake of print apprenticeships in order to attract young people into print.
  • Provide stakeholders with guidance and access to tools and resources to help with events and projects.
  • Provide stakeholders with guidance and tools to enable easy support of your local school and community by providing careers advice and information.
  • Develop an avenue for your company to engage in corporate social activities through enhanced school and community engagement.
  • Develop and improve the pipeline of young learners seeking a role in your business and the industry.


  • Events, webinars and roundtables
  • Focus groups
  • Advice and support
  • Lobbying
  • Networking with likeminded companies and people
  • The ability to have a say in how the industry views the topic and future industry landscape
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