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18 September 2023

Commercial Cut-sheet Inkjet B3 & B2 Market Assessment – Keypoint Intelligence

Commercial Cut-sheet Inkjet B3 & B2 Market Assessment – Keypoint Intelligence

"Inkjet will rule the world!" - one of the phrases the former BPIF Technical Adviser (shout out to Stephen Whiting) was known to exclaim to those of use that shared an office with him in the late 1990s. In fact, he had this written on the office whiteboard. So, it strikes a chord to read about some new research from Keypoint Intelligence.

Keypoint Intelligence, a global data and market intelligence leader for the digital imaging industry, expects significant growth in the inkjet cut-sheet B2 and B3 presses. They are conducting some primary research to gather insights from commercial printers on current and prospective cutsheet inkjet B2 and B3 press users. If you are involved, or interested, in this sector then please give getting involved in their research some consideration.

Large Production Inkjet Cut-sheet B2 and B3 Expected to Grow in Key Markets

Source: Keypoint Intelligence WE Production Printing Market Placements 2019-2022, WE Production Printing Market Forecast 2022-2027

Previous research from Keypoint Intelligence has suggested a very aggressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) expected for large production cut-sheet inkjet B2 and B3 (16% CAGR between 2019, and 2027 for Western Europe) due to:

  • Low production electrophotography volume shifts/consolidation to large production inkjet B3 and B2
  • Offset shifting to digital
  • AgX photo (silver halide) to digital

Brand new research has been developed to understand current market dynamics for production cutsheet B3 inkjet and B2 printing segments. Relevant aspects include:

  • Key applications
  • Investment satisfaction
  • Transition from offset
  • Barriers to adoption

Keypoint Intelligence have designed a 20-minute online survey, with routing to relevant questions depending upon whether respondents are current users of B2 and B3 inkjet presses, or prospective users.

Large production color digital printing B2 and B3 presses are growing interest for many print service providers helping them improve production efficiencies and even lowering costs.  Keypoint Intelligence have launched a survey to better understand the reasons why a print service provider (PSP) would invest in this type of digital printing equipment and their buying criteria.  The survey itself is an eye opener for anyone that owns or is in the market for these presses.

If you are interested in participating in this new research then please click here to move directly to the questionnaire.

Keypoint are offering a £20 Amazon voucher, and a synopsis of the research findings, as a token of their thanks, to complete responders.

Click here to find out more about Keypoint Intelligence on their website.

Rest assured, your privacy is a priority. Your responses are confidential and solely used to enhance industry insights. Keypoint Intelligence are committed to stringent data protection policies.




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