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8 March 2023

The New Formula for Production Print Success

The New Formula for Production Print Success

Powering profitability with efficiency, automation, differentiation, and sustainability - access a special report leveraging key findings from the PRINTING United Alliance and NAPCO Research surveysto identify the core challenges facing print service providers and the ways process automation and digital transformation are strengthening business results. In addition, survey findings are backed by real-world experiences of print providers that are investing in technology to overcome obstacles to profitability.

Let's face it. Print providers seem to be hit with new challenges at every turn. Supply chain disruptions, inflation, labour shortages, declines in print volumes, price competition, heightened security requirements and changing customer needs have changed the business. The old formula for success- the printer's triangle of quality, delivery and price,-is still relevant, but providers need to layer on top of it the new paradigm of value, innovation, security and sustainability.

A new white paper, commissioned by Xerox and written by NAPCO, probes this landscape and the print providers' response based upon key findings from current PRINTING United Alliance and NAPCO Research surveys. It describes the print providers' shift to this new business model and provides a fresh look at where the graphic communications market is today and where it's likely going moving forward.


Beat your profitability targets
Profitability targets can be elusive when you face staffing issues, monochrome customers who believe colour is too expensive, cumbersome job acquisition and new job on boarding processes-and the constant challenge of getting the most for your money, saving for the future and protecting your investments.

Accelerate your productivity
The peak performance that is required to meet demand for more short run jobs and more quick turnarounds is hard to achieve when your workflow has a lot of time-intensive manual tasks and you're further slowed by outdated software, file problems and errors.

Win more business
If you struggle to offer a wider range of high-value applications because your colour costs are too high and you lack media flexibility, standout image quality, and digital embellishments, you may be missing out on some of your market's best opportunities.

Champion sustainability
Your customers want you to reduce your carbon footprint, use less power, reduce waste, source paper sustainably, and generally support clean air and water initiatives. Establishing sustainability practices requires effort, but it can lead to increased business, operational efficiency-and a healthier planet.

Ensure data security
Data drives your operation and many of your customers' high-performing communications programs, but also brings new security requirements-and threats-to your shop. Cyberattacks and database breaches are on the rise putting your customers' data-and your business-at risk.

It's Your Move
Take advantage of this opportunity to get the latest insights on this ever-shifting market and position yourself for a more profitable future by downloading the white paper from the Xerox website here.

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