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The Environmental Forum is a BPIF community that looks to provide an industrywide network and platform to work to support, sustain and develop the industry.

This community is a network for likeminded people in the industry to discuss environmental topics with an aim to set environmental and sustainability standards and best practice for the sector.

It is also a source of information and networking support for those working on environmental and sustainability issues in their own day-to-day roles.

The forum will be led by a steering group which consists of BPIF members (corporate and associate) and affiliate consultants.

In 2021 the forum helped support the development of the Environmental Road Map which has been developed to help you to start on the path, continue to develop or review your environmental requirements. The content is intended to help you continually grow your knowledge and performance and can be used by any company no matter where they are in their journey. 

  • To provide a forum for companies in the industry that have an environmental focus.
  • To provide specialist advice and services on matters affecting the industry.
  • To provide the sector with platform to educate and engage with the industry.
  • To provide an avenue for collaboration.
  • To provide a platform for companies to share and discuss company issues.
  • To raise awareness of the issues affecting the industry.
  • To promote innovation & technical advances, where they impact upon the industry.
  • To provide an advisory network for individuals who are environmental leads. 
  • I’m involved in the Environmental Forum because we must all continually strive to reduce waste. Benefits such as cost and risk reductions are popular features on any agenda, and I hope that - as a group - we can share, lobby for and demonstrate a wide range of improvements over time.


For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Head of Marketing and Operations

01924 203335

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