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Inspiring the next generation of apprentices. Find out how some of the industry's brightest talents got to where they are today, all involving an apprenticeship!

Ian Wilton, Oxuniprint Managing DirectorIan Wilton, Oxuniprint Managing Director

We had a school careers advisor and she spoke to me about people in the local area that wanted apprentices. 

Howie Blanks, BPIF Training Co-ordinatorHowie Blanks, BPIF Training Co-ordinator

I stumbled into the print industry as a seventeen year old, because my father was a printer by trade and I had no idea what career path I wanted to follow when I left school. 

Ceri Priddle, BPIF AdminstratorCeri Priddle, BPIF Adminstrator

Read about our very own Ceri Priddle and her apprentice story.

Andrew Bracey, BPIF Foundation & Advanced Apprenticeship MangerAndrew Bracey, BPIF Foundation & Advanced Apprenticeship Manger

I have been working in the Print Industry since 1981, when I started a four year apprenticeship at Field Packaging in Thatcham. 

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