Mechanised Print Finishing & Binding Level 2
Mechanised Print Finishing & Binding Level 2

"No day is the same working in print, with all the new technologies coming through there are always new things to learn."

Josh Thomas, Level 3 Print Finishing

Mechanised Print Finishing & Binding Level 2

Who Should Attend

This qualification is split into two pathways - General Print and Newspaper & periodicals. Level 2 is aimed at those who do not have full working knowledge of the role and is operating equipment under direct supervision.

Key Topics

The aim of the apprenticeship is to develop an individual so that they are competent in their diverse role but they also need to know what they are doing and why. To aid this the apprentices will study a Technical Certificate, they will cover the following key areas and will be able to describe and explain them:

  • Health & Safety
  • Personal Development
  • Industry overview
  • Employment Rights & responsibilities
  • Productivity
  • Problem solving
  • Quality, including quality systems
  • Set up and operate equipment (Guillotines, multi-knife trimmers, folding machinery etc.) under supervision
  • Contribute to equipment maintenance


18 to 24 months

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For more information please contact:
Max Walkington
Max Walkington
Head of Data and Compliance
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