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BPIF Level 5 Management Programme
BPIF Level 5 Management Programme


In accordance with the findings of the Richard Review (2012), the course has been designed to meet and exceed the requirements of employers. By providing our learners with a robust curriculum, it is hoped that they will complete the course with significantly more opportunities for both career and educational progression.

The course is designed to meet the needs and aspirations of high-level achievers all the way through to learners who may have struggled in traditional education and may possess special educational needs and/or disabilities. The expectation is that the programme will add value not only to the learner but will allow businesses to improve their productivity and efficiencies. 

All learners are expected to study the full curriculum, although it is acknowledged that outcomes may be different for all learners. The curriculum includes planned workshop sessions for all learners, differentiated workshop sessions to meet the needs of all paces and levels of learning, planned individual one-to-one sessions and the resources for unplanned one-to-one sessions in accordance with the needs of individual learners.

Course Design & Justification 

The BPIF is a membership organisation which exists to support its members and promote the printing industry. During 2013, the BPIF was awarded over £1m of government funding to help upskill the printing industry. The BPIF gathered input from across the industry supply chain to understand the industries needs and the first BPIF Level 5 Management Programme was born.

Since 2013, the BPIF’s Level 5 Management Programme has undergone constant evolution and with the launch of the Operations / Departmental Manager Standards during 2017, the BPIF has developed its programme further, to meet the needs of a transitioning industry. Industry experts are now part of the programme and deliver workshops in specialist areas that are required and used by the industry.  

Although the BPIF’s programme has been designed with the needs of the printing industry in mind, it is also designed to prepare its learners to enter management in other industries. The programme is also open to members of the British Office Supplies and Services (BOSS) industry and the BPIF is finding that learners from this industry, mixed  with learners from the printing industry, enriches the learning experience for all.

To support the learners’ future opportunity for progression within the printing industry or any other industry, the programme has been designed to include an ILM Level 5 Management qualification, whilst developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours to also achieve the Level 5 standard. Success in the qualification and the standard provides learners with the flexibility for progression in other industries.  

Another programme objective is to prepare learners for possible future higher educational progress. This is achieved through the requirement of learners to successfully complete 7 assignments during the programme. Detailed constructive feedback (formative assessment) is given to learners during the completion of each assignment and even when they have achieved a ‘Pass’ for a section, they are either encouraged, or advised how (or both, depending on their individual circumstances),  to gain a ‘Good Pass’. Feedback may include advice and guidance on approach, content, English grammar or general assignment writing. 

The BPIF’s programme has been formally approved by the Management Development Centre (in association with the University of South Wales) as an entry requirement for their MSc in Management.


“When I started the Programme my goal was to help myself learn new techniques and theories to use pragmatically at Buckland Media for myself, the team, customers and directors, and I’ve done just that! I have gained an invaluable technique known as Adult Mind from the course, which has really helped me to diffuse almost all difficult/confrontational situations. 

Another technique from the course that I’ve gained is the use of silence in a negotiation situation. As strange as it sounds, it has rewarded me and Buckland with lower supplier costs, on more than one occasion. It’s surprising how well it works! 

The biggest reward has been using project planning structures to implement innovation within Buckland. We have secured confidence with what could be two new top ten spend customers, using a project planning structure from the course. This could equate to 6 figures over a year! The techniques mentioned are just a glimpse of the skills, knowledge and behaviours I’ve gained and improved since undertaking the BPIF Level 5 Programme.”

Richard Archer, Commercial Manager, Buckland Media Group Ltd



Benefits for Employers include: 

• Improved knowledge, skills and behaviours (current and future leaders)

• Encourage strategic thinking

• Improved business performance (e.g. efficiency, quality and customer service)

• Increased motivation (delegates and their teams)

• Helps with succession planning

• Visible commitment and investment (delegates and their teams)

• Helps with career progression planning


Benefits for Learners include:  

• Improved knowledge, skills and behaviours to improve performance

• Help with career progression

• Increased job satisfaction

• Increased confidence

• Raised profile within your organisation  and industry

• Platform for further learning 


The Course 

Course Support 

The course consists of the following support: 

1) 26 planned workshop sessions for all learners

2) 4 planned workshop sessions for lower  or slower achieving learners

3) 6 planned one-to-one sessions for all learners

4) Unplanned one-to-one sessions to meet the needs of individual learners

5) Specialist support for learners with specific educational needs and/or disabilities

6) Telephone, email and video support  – 5 days a week

7) Access to the Virtual Learning Environment – 7 days a week

8) Access to the E-Portfolio – 7 days a week

9) Access to Maths and English e-learning resources – 7 days a week

10) An assigned personal tutor 


Course Targets

All learners on the course are expected to achieve the following:

1) Operations / Departmental Manager  End-Point Assessment (ST0385/AP02)

2) ILM Level 5 Diploma in the Principles  of Leadership and Management (8610)

3) City & Guilds Maths Functional Skills  Level 2

4) City & Guilds English Functional Skills Level 2

5) A Continuous Professional Development plan

6) Two improvement projects within their workplace

7) A higher profile within their organisation and within the industry


Course Content, Key Themes & Key Workshops 

The course has been designed to cover 138 different key areas of knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective manager. Additional content has been included by the BPIF to further benefit learners and their employers.

Key themes include: 

• Operational Management

• Project Management

• Finance

• Leading People

• Managing People

• Building Relationships

• Communication

• Awareness of Self

• Management of Self

• Decision Making

• Behaviours

Key workshops include: 

• Critical Thinking

• Making a Financial Case

• Continuing Professional Development

• Performance Management

• Negotiation & Persuasion

• Continuous Improvement Techniques

• Managing Improvement

• Understanding the Management Role

• Law

• Delegation

• Leading Innovation & Change


Workshop locations:

• London 

•  Brighouse

•  Meriden


“Having been let down by the education system in the past, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how regularly I was able to refer to my tutor for some pointers on things I needed to do to complete or improve any assignments I was working on. I found myself receiving a greater amount of help from my tutor than I expected and offered some suggestions when I was even unfortunately made redundant from my job during my second year. My tutor even spoke on my behalf during the time that I was looking for a new job, and the BPIF allowed me to continue to study with them until the course’s completion.”

Jazz Lambe, IT Support, South & City College


For more information on the Level 5 Management Programme please contact Matt Child, Training Co-ordinator, on 07825 051588 or at [email protected]


BPIF Level 5 Management Programme Booklet - Size: 330Kb Download
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For more information please contact:
Matt Child
Matt Child
Training Co-ordinator
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