Industry Awards and Bursaries
The Victor Watson Trophy

This Award was launched in memory of Victor Watson CBE DL to recognise a Young Person of Outstanding Achievement. It is open to any young person under the age of 31 at the time of the presentation, who is employed in the printing industry. This includes the printing supply chain, from journalism through to all aspects of printing and allied trades such as printing, publishing, manufacturing or operating presses, driving, cleaning, advertising, photography, graphic arts, making ink and recycling paper.

The nominator and nominee do not have to be associated with any particular organisation. The recipient of the trophy will be encouraged to apply for a Printing Charity bursary of £1,500.

Last year, the Victor Watson Trophy went to Lewis Houghton, full time Graphic Designer and a self-employed illustrator for children's books. When asked how it feels to win the Trophy, Lewis said, "Being nominated for and winning this Award has made me appreciate all the hard work I've put into perusing my dream career. It's not often I stop and look back at everything I've done, over the last five years, so it's really special to me that I'm being recognised for my hard work and I'm really grateful for that. Thank you so much."

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This is now closed and will reopen in 2021. Further information will be released shortly.

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