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How can you be sure your MIS investment is best suited to your business? How do you make sure that you can maximise the benefits from it to drive increased profitability?

Most printers use their MIS to automate administration, such as estimating, job bags etc. but few have realised the potential of the information contained to analyse and hence drive the business forward to greater profitability.

We can provide expert assistance and advice on your MIS investment decisions and on how to make the most from your MIS. An MIS can become the central ‘knowledge bank' of the business as well as the repository of the company standards. Only by measuring sales and production activity can managers begin to take control of the business.

A project can also deliver an overall methodology for continuous review of your MIS and its use; to reduce costs and improve ways of working, to ensure that the business continues to drive maximum value out of its MIS investment.

What is involved:
  • Optimise your costing systems
  • Take MIS beyond estimating
  • Streamline sales order processing
  • Automate inventory control of raw materials and finished goods to minimise stock and Work In Progress (WIP)
  • Cut costs through identifying and eliminating areas of wastage in process and materials
  • Train your staff, customers and suppliers to deliver maximum impact from your system
  • Measure customer service levels and raise standards
  • Accurate calculation of cost rates
  • Know where your profits and losses are made
  • Correctly specify features and functionality needed to deliver your objectives
  • Build a system to measure manufacturing efficiency
  • Define the essential information managers need to manage
  • Optimise efficiency of administrative processes to save costs
  • Highlight areas for cost reduction and improved margins
  • Improve customer and supplier relations
  • Help manage the supplier selection process
  • Install and implement the MIS, embedding its value throughout the organisation
For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Head of Marketing and Operations
01924 203335
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