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Does your print unit need a thorough review?

Do you want to grow and develop your range of services and customers? Or is your design and print unit under threat, in danger of being outsourced to a facilities management service?

Do you need to make a business case for investment?

Our in-plant service is designed to thoroughly review and to help validate the effectiveness of an in-plant operation, so that organisations know how to harness and leverage the potential of their in-plant service and so are able to maximum its contribution and customer satisfaction levels. Internal design and print resources are often seen as a cost burden rather than an essential, value-adding profit centre, making a positive contribution to an organisation's service level and development.

Without a clear and convincing business review that benchmarks performance and capability against other external options, an in-house print operation can be under continuous threat of outsourcing. Since outsourcing decisions are based on the assumption of inefficiencies within the existing system, a strategic review of an in-plant operation can help maximise productivity and deliver positive cost and service benefits to your organisation, as well as providing a framework for performance measurement and structured change in a competitive context.


Our in-plant review service can help:

  • Define what an in-house print unit is really for and capable of
  • Evolve a strategy that is realisable and profitable
  • Provide best value service to the whole organisation
  • Identify significant cost-savings
  • Help to develop plans to expand existing services to meet future demands
  • Establish key performance indicators and measurement tools
  • Improve individual and team motivation and performance
  • Analyse and improve the organisation's overall print buying process
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime
  • Provide marketing direction and sales support
  • Validate and increase print quality standards
  • Shape a compelling investment plan
For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Head of Marketing and Operations
01924 203335
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