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Commercial disputes are not uncommon. Mostly they are resolved by mutual negotiation between the parties. But not always. From time to time, intractable disputes arise in the printing and packaging industries. Usually these relate to print quality or problems with equipment or software – and they can be costly if the dispute has to be settled in court.

Finding yourself in the middle of a difficult dispute can seem like a printer’s or packager’s worst nightmare – which is why BPIF Specialist Services offers both members and non-members a comprehensive Dispute Resolution service. Our print and packaging specialists have extensive experience in providing a range of support, depending on the circumstances of the dispute. These include short reviews and reports, single party assessments, single joint expert reports, expert witness reports and facilitation. The BPIF also offers mediation if necessary.

All are designed to offer a quick resolution and avoid costly legal proceedings.

Key Benefits
  • Offers an independent and reputable service
  • Aims to avoid costly legal proceedings
  • Provides experienced experts familiar with all printing production processes
  • Offers a choice of types and levels of service to suit the dispute
  • Aims to settle disputes quickly and cost effectively
  • A complete range of services
  • Short reviews and reports - providing an expert view to enable a printer or packager, print buyer or supplier, to verify the dispute.
  • Single party assessments – offering a full assessment of the dispute, which may include onsite inspection of products
  • Single joint party expert reports – enables a joint agreement between the parties to avoid court action
  • Expert witness reports – intended for use in a court action
  • Facilitation – involving setting up a meeting on neutral territory to enable the parties to discuss possible resolutions
  • Mediation services are also available
For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Specialist Services Manager
01924 203335
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