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Digital printing is the fastest growing and most active sector in the printing industry. Many companies are considering investing in, or have already purchased, digital print equipment either as a stand-alone investment or to complement existing litho equipment. However, making the most of the myriad of opportunities to develop new business can be more of a challenge for many printers.

Exploiting digital print markets by fully understanding their needs and potential can set you apart from the competition. It can also open up significant new revenue streams, leading to new growth and greater profitability. Sometimes, the investment in digital printing equipment is made with the sole intention of competing in the market for short-run colour work. But to only do this is to miss the other, more profitable market opportunities that digital print technology can unleash.

BPIF Specialist Services recognises that entering new market niches, developing new products and skills and embracing new business models is not an easy task. and so we have designed a support service to help.

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