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The Environmental Diagnostic is a tool for rapidly gauging the environmental credentials of your business and realising tangible financial benefits from improving environmental efficiency.

Developed with sustainability experts, Envirowise, the process involves a two-day visit by two environmental assessors to your site during which they will undertake a detailed analysis of your waste levels, energy consumption and environmental management scheme. Their ndings are then condensed into a summary report specically tailored to the UK printing industry.

The outcome, which is presented to your sta at the end of the visit, links environmental management with business objectives by identifying realistic cost-reduction projects.

How much can it save? 
Average savings identified in the 16 companies where we have conducted the Environmental Diagnostic are £300,000 or 1.0% of turnover (with a range of 0.5 ' 2.6%) ' a fabulous return on investment.

FACTS - What is involved

Working with employees from key areas of your business, two environmental experts:

  • Assess environmental management and resource efficiency against print best practice criteria
  • Review the cost of wasted resources and energy
  • Agree current environmental performance with client team
  • Prioritise improvement projects to save money
  • Present feedback to senior managers and discuss next steps to build on ndings
  • Develop a practical action plan to realise savings at no or low cost
  • Waste streams and energy usage analysis identifies practical improvements
  • Environmental management and resource efficiency print-sector benchmarked
  • Environmental legislative non-compliance issues highlighted
  • Significant potential cost savings highlighted
For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Specialist Services Manager
01924 203335
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