Data Management (inc. GDPR & Cyber Essentials)
ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Information is the life-blood of every printing business - and even more so if your clients have entrusted their valuable data to you. If vital data are lost, corrupted, damaged or stolen, you could be in breach of data protection legislation and at risk of litigation. It goes without saying that your business could also suffer lasting damage to its reputation. So, if you are responsible for any aspect of your clients’ data, you need to take effective steps to protect their information assets as well as your own.

Implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified to the internationally recognised data security standard ISO 27001:2013 is the most effective way to reduce your risks and to assure clients and insurers that security of information is your company’s top priority. An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing the security of sensitive information and is designed to identify, manage and reduce the range of threats to which your information is regularly subjected.

For those printing businesses within the security printing supply chain, certifying their ISMS to ISO 27001 is mandatory. It’s also a prerequisite for print companies responding to many public service and government tenders. 

At BPIF Specialist Services, our information security specialists have the industry experience and know-how to design, develop and implement an ISMS tailored to your company’s needs. With an effective system in place, your business data and operations will be well prepared to resist accidental mis-operation or malicious attack. All Information Security Management Systems are built to meet the ISO27001 standard, and our experts will be able to assist you all the way through to certification by an independent body of your choice.

FACTS - What is involved

BPIF Information Security experts will:

  • Conduct gap analyses and audits to identify the current condition of information security systems
  • Recommend, discuss and agree practical and realistic improvements to systems
  • Develop a fully ‘documented’ system to your requirements
  • Help implement necessary changes, including staff training
  • Manage the project through to completion and certification
  • Conduct audits to ensure that systems are fully implemented
  • Advise on how to achieve ISO 27001, recommend a UKAS accredited certification body and be present during external assessments if required

Our Information Security Management and ISO 27001 Support Service will help your organisation:

  • Safeguard company information assets
  • Demonstrate commitment to security
  • Open up new markets
  • Improve internal company culture
  • Strengthen infrastructure
  • Help reduce insurance premiums
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