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If your company is involved in supplying packaging or labelling into the food industry, then you are in a market which is not likely to reduce, particularly as the emphasis on reduction of plastic packaging is now increasing.

To obtain more business and to open more doors, your company should seriously consider certification to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging.

This standard promotes good practice within your business, particularly relating to hygiene. The standard also contains much of the content of the ISO 9001, which means certification to this standard displays your credentials and commitment to a process of continual improvement within your business operations, that is of commercial interest to your current and potential customers.

Implementing the requirements of this standard will also build on your current health and safety practices and increase the standards of occupational health and safety within your organisation. Internally and externally certification to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging will bring real benefit to your company and workforce.

A BPIF Specialist Services expert can help your company meet the requirements for BRC, providing experienced and knowledgeable support to help you achieve certification.

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Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
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