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Most printing and packaging companies now recognise the importance of a good website to distinguish and grow their businesses. A well designed, fully functional website that makes it simple to do business with you is essential in today's competitive marketplace.

When did you last look critically at the design of your website? Does it still fulfil your marketing and business needs? Perhaps you have problems with your current website or provider, or maybe you would like to promote your business by setting up a brand new site?

Whatever your requirements, the BPIF will be able to help you - our team of technology and marketing professionals have unparalleled experience in designing, building and hosting websites. We offer a range of services - from HD video packages to emergency fixes.

We will advise you on how to get the most out of a new project or an existing project. We can also give impartial advice on existing quotes, investigate why your current site is not delivering, and keep you up to date on technology changes and current trends.

FACTS - What is involved
  • Stage 1 – Website Design and Creation
  • Stage 2 – Contact Upload
  • Stage 3 – Communication Planning
  • Stage 4 - Communication Fulfillment
  • Stage 5 – Communication Tracking


  • Create a professional website explaining how your services can benefit claims
  • Ensure your site is recognised by the UK’s leading search engines
  • Proactively cross-sell products and services to existing clients and prospects
  • Keep clients informed of company news, special offers and new products and services
  • Gather feedback through completion of online satisfaction surveys
  • Run an unlimited number of bespoke direct marketing campaigns


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