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Customer loyalty is becoming rarer. As a result, regular commitments from major clients can be key in ensuring the ongoing stability of your print business. Bidding for and winning tender work can form an important part of this business mix.

However, you may not have the resources to create tender responses - which are often time-consuming. Equally, you may lack the in-depth experience to create a compelling tender response strategy that will present your company credentials most effectively.

Each month, tender responses are rejected because companies fail to meet all the requirements of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Invitations to Tender. Other bids fail to sell company strengths; properly address the buyer's needs; demonstrate their ability to meet contract requirements; or show robust processes at the factory inspection stage.

To establish a foothold within either the public or private sector, you need to achieve ‘preferred supplier' status. That depends on your ability to manage an efficient tender response process. You can also save time and effort by creating templates that carry all the required information rather than responding from scratch every time.

At BPIF Specialist Services, our tender specialists have the experience and expertise to create a strong strategy for you. They can assist with tender responses and help ensure that your business is correctly placed to bid. And they can significantly improve the chances of your factory passing inspections.

Make sure that your bid stands out and is a winning entry! Remember that prices, while important, are just one of the elements scored in a tender assessment.

FACTS - What is involved

BPIF supplier evaluation experts can:


  • Conduct gap analyses and audits to identify issues that may prevent your company from winning work
  • Recommend, discuss and agree a practical and realstic tender strategy
  • Examine your compliance with legislative and regulatory standards
  • Develop a fully 'documented' tender response library
  • Carry out an evaluation of your factory to ensure that it will pass an audit
  • Help you formulate your tender responses




Our Tender Response Support Service can help your business:


  • Win new regular work streams
  • Identify barriers within a business to winning work
  • Improve customer focus
  • Reduce time wasted in a random approach to tenders



For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Head of Marketing and Operations
01924 203335