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White Paper – Why Selling Skills and Behaviours Need to Change
7 Ways to Equip Sellers to Negotiate and Win Big Deals
Much negotiation training concentrates on the methods that buyers can use to get a good deal from salespeople. The buyer apparently has power over the seller.
How to Flush out Sales Showstoppers in Complex Market Conditions
Delayed or lost deals are a stark reality of the current global corona virus pandemic. Gartner CSO research suggests that nearly 70% of B2B customers feel overloaded with organisational complexity and are facing roadblocks, including unclear decision making and conflicting priorities.
5 Ways to Overcome Social Distancing Barriers in Complex Sales
Businesses are planning for a return to office working, with some staff continuing to operate from home. With Harvard Business School predicting that some social distancing could last until 2022, there is no question that workplaces will change considerably long term.
How to Alleviate The Fog: Accurate Forecasting Guidance for Leaders
A forensic understanding of the pipeline enables leaders to manage based on fact. Key to this is being able to forecast accurately. Closed loop management processes are also essential to reveal shifting customer priorities and capture latent opportunities.