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Sales Academy

We develop core selling skills that improve; predictable and reliable sales forecasting, productive pipeline management processes, enhanced seller effectiveness and productivity, planning and verbal skills for client engagement.

Our programmes require minimum administrative burden and time out of the field, whilst having an immediate impact on individual and organisational productivity and talent development.

Our BPIF Sales Academy of self-paced modules supported by real-time virtual classroom sessions are perfect to meet the needs of today’s post-Covid print professionals.

The BPIF Online Sales Academy 

  • 12 months direct access to over 50 hours of training.
  • Broken down into short units.
  • Easy to fit into work schedules. 
  • Reinforce, refresh, check at the point of need or onboard new staff.
  • Create Development Action Plans to support continuous learning. 
  • Customisable by job role.

Our Core Programme

We make training interventions sustainable by offering Blended Learning. This combines elements of the physical and virtual classrooms, online content, coaching and workshops. 

  • Reinforce, refresh, check at the point of need or onboard new staff.
  • Create Development Action Plans to support continuous learning.
  • Working from the top down, our six core programmes build skills and techniques that support the whole of the selling process. 
  • This ensures sellers have the planning skills and power base to win deals or lose quickly. 
  • For Sales Leaders we offer a dedicated virtual workshop to ensure they remain in control of the sales function.
  • All our courses are underpinned by our unique approach to continuous qualification and gaining customer commitments.
SCOTSMAN® Sales Pipeline Qualification
Essential for sales people and teams involved in longer, complex selling cycles, we explore the concepts of qualification and commitments in relation to generating and planning better sales opportunities, ensuring time is not wasted on unwinnable deals.
SCOTSMAN® Professional Selling Skills
Aimed at sales staff, key support staff, sales management, we equip sellers with the selling styles and appropriate behaviours required in every sales situation and develop the skills needed to engage the customer and progress the sale.
SCOTSMAN® Developing Relationships and Managing Accounts
Suitable for account managers, sales people, management and support staff, we establish an account management and development discipline, so participants work effectively to gain access to key people and build strong, productive supplier relationships.
SCOTSMAN® Major Account Solution Selling (MASS) Programme
Ideal for sales staff, key support staff and sales management, we coach participants on how to plan, handle and win the politics of major sales, including building up the needs and constructing campaign plans designed to win more business.
SCOTSMAN® Closing, Objection and Negotiation Skills Training  
Suitable for sellers, management and support staff, we show how to swing the balance of power and successfully negotiate the deal. We present the variables that must be considered and practise techniques for handling residual objections.
SCOTSMAN® Coach – Business Leaders in Control Workshop
We help Sales Leaders develop a forensic understanding of their pipeline for greater control and informed decision making, by examining and refining key elements of their sales processes. 
We explore;
• How leaders measure and inspect key information to identify and document effective sales processes. 
• The optimum way to maximise the impact of key levers for growth that everyone can follow. 
• Best practice templates for reviews, dashboards for pipeline and opportunity reviews, coaching skills to embed rigorous qualification and sales process management.



For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Specialist Services Manager
01924 203335
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