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Business planning is not just for start-ups, when you need to refinance or when you want to sell the company. More and more printers, of all sizes, are using business planning as a means to manage growth better, to build a stronger team and to ensure that new ideas have been thoroughly assessed for commercial viability.

It’s possible for a business to achieve success without a business plan in sight, but without one, it’s much more risky. A plan will serve as a framework for decisions, help explain your business to others, motivate and involve your staff, help you benchmark and monitor performance and provide a springboard for growing your business.

The business planning service from BPIF is offered to help members acquire the skills and techniques to conduct an effective business planning process and produce a suitable, detailed and workable plan to guide the development of your business.

We can work with you and your team to recognise the specific factors that influence the future potential success of your business. Through a practical hands-on process we can leave you with a robust plan to help your business meet the current and future market needs and significantly improve the likelihood of achieving sustainable, profitable growth.

FACTS - What is involved

Each project support will differ according to your particular company needs but may include:

  • Session with MD to establish context and agree approach
  • Developing a financial forecast and review process
  • Identification, clarification and agreement of business objectives
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Development of critical success factors
  • Review of external factors and key obstacles to achieving goals (risk analysis)
  • Establishment of key performance measures
  • Creation of a detailed implementation plan
  • Alignment of day-to-day tasks to the plan
  • Addressing “internal barriers” and team working/leadership issues


  • Help to manage your time, money and other resources more effectively
  • Clear objectives for your business and your people
  • A route map on where your company is going in the future and how to reach there
  • A credible and achievable financial forecast
  • An empowered management team all pulling in the same direction
  • Management skills development, coaching and mentoring
  • Ongoing practical review and re-forecasting process


For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Specialist Services Manager
01924 203335
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