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Communities of Interest – What Community Do You Want To Engage With?
Communities of Interest – What Community Do You Want To Engage With?

We are continuing to develop our Communities of Interest, aiming to provide a bespoke and personalised opportunity to be part of a network that aligns with the specialism of your company or your job role. This means our communication with you will be more relevant, more targeted and ultimately more useful to your business. Please click here to fill in our survey to identify how you would like to engage with our communities! 

BPIF’s Communities of Interest includes Special Interest Groups, Sector Interest Group and Industry Interest Forums. Communities that are aligned with particular print industry sectors will be called Special Interest Groups/Sector Interest Groups – They provide companies operating in particular sectors with a sector specific network and a platform which drives initiatives, training and technology. They also provide companies with the opportunity to strengthen relationships throughout the supply chain, share, develop knowledge and industry understanding, to help business succeed and to promote and develop the sector. The communities of interest will cover themes that are relevant for the whole industry and these will be called Industry Forums - The forums will aim to provide a hub to discuss relevant industry issues, the future, best practice and identify solutions. They will function as an enhancement of your membership and provide an avenue of innovation, development and growth for the industry by bringing together individuals and companies to be involved in a group or forum that works to further the interests of that sector or interest.

What's the aim?

The communities aim to provide best practice, guidance, research and stats, advice and support, lobbying, networking and the opportunity to be involved in sector specific activities and events.

So far we have received a great level of interest and support given so far by members, BPIF Affiliates and other bodies/initiatives to identify key priorities and advise us on our approach in developing our communities of interest. We are a member focused organisation, and this involvement helps us understand industry needs and priorities, and develop tools and resources that support business success.   

‘I’m involved in the Environmental Forum because we must all continually strive to reduce waste. Benefits such as cost and risk reductions are popular features on any agenda and I hope that - as a group – we can share, lobby for and demonstrate a wide range of improvements over time.’

James Buffoni, Managing Director, Ryedale Group

What are the Communities of Interest?

Special Interest Group

• Cartons

• Labels

• Books

• Creative and Digital Industries (CDI) 

Sector Interest Group    

• Paper 

• Wide Format & POS 

Industry Interest Forums 

• School Engagement - Students in Print 

• Environmental 

• Technical 

• Cyber Security 


19 February 2021

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