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BPIF’s energy partner – saving cost & reducing carbon
BPIF’s energy partner – saving cost & reducing carbon

Inenco is the BPIF’s energy partner. We are here to help mitigate rising energy prices, reduce operating costs through consumption optimisation and respond to the growing pressure to deliver carbon net zero.

We understand the competitive pressure facing many in the printing and packaging sector and that the need to control your costs as a critical part of charting the post-lockdown recovery. However, we are already seeing upward pressure on energy prices and forecast greater market volatility in the coming months and years.

We are recommending that businesses review their energy contracts as early as possible in the current environment to give yourself the best opportunity to get the best price and strategy in place. Regardless of the duration left on your contract, now is a great time to plan.

Many organisations are also under growing pressure from customers to demonstrate their sustainability credentials in general and reduce their carbon footprint. Our expert consultants are increasingly helping leading organisations to understand that cost and carbon reduction need not be mutually exclusive. We can help with practical steps to achieve change for the better.

If you are interested in discussing your energy supply contracts or any other aspects of your utility’s strategies, please contact [email protected] to arrange an informal discussion or a no obligation quote.

You can also view Inenco's presentation on Energy Markets Future Analysis by clicking here


14 June 2021

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