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Working from home – scam awareness
Working from home – scam awareness

In response to COVID-19, many members will be encouraging staff to work from home. This presents new cyber security challenges that must be managed.

For many organisations, home working has become the new normal. Remote technology offers huge benefits, but can open employees up to increasing frequent and sophisticated online scams.

As a result of the COVID-19 situation, cyber criminals are using a range of new techniques online to trick people into handing over money or reveal sensitive information (phishing). Example scams include the sale of medical supplies, fines for irresponsible behaviour, notifications of tax rebates and encouraging people to donate money to vaccine research or fake charities.

Additionally, without the benefit of an office environment and colleagues to consult, it can be more difficult to make a sensible judgement on a received communication.

This guidance:

  1. Recommends steps to take to prevent cyber scams
  2. Provides some tips on how individuals can spot the typical signs of phishing emails
  3. Identifies sources of further information and training

To view the guidance, please download the document below.



Working from home - scam awareness - Size: 181Kb Download

06 April 2020

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