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30 March 2020



BPIF have urgently called for further direct support for the printing industry during the coronavirus crisis. On 30 March, BPIF called upon Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (central to the Federation’s lobbying efforts) for the Government to implement a number of measures. 
The Federation’s letter details some of the significant effects the crisis is having on the industry to date – in terms of financial standing, logistics, access to finance, job retention and further.
The printing industry adds £5.5bn in gross value to the UK, employs 112,000 people and pays £3.3bn in wages every year. The vast majority of members are Small & Medium Enterprises, representing the makeup of the sector as a whole. 
BPIF have called for:  

  • Clarification and detail added to the definition of essential services, with certain sections of the printing industry being recognised as being explicitly essential. While we believe the current guidance to be clear that printing companies are able to continue to operate, confusion on the ground means that employers need further support to demonstrate this. 
  • Flexibility to what has already been laid out by the Job Retention Scheme, particularly around the furloughing of workers. While the JRS has been well received, and with great relief, there is concern that, without adjustments, it will not deliver as effectively as it otherwise could.  
  • For the Government to engage in additional dialogue with lenders taking part in the CBIL Scheme, to ensure that lenders are interpreting the Government’s intentions correctly. This will help businesses to feel secure about the Scheme, increase uptake and – importantly – improve confidence that the Government’s good intentions to support businesses are being realised by the banking industry. 
Charles Jarrold, British Printing Industries Federation CEO, comments:
“The impact of coronavirus is huge on our industry, and direct government actions to support those businesses, and individuals, is of urgent priority. We know Government are listening to UK industry, and we have welcomed the great intentions of support – but hope to receive further clarification and actions on points raised above as crucial to the survival of our industry” 

BPIF have sent a detailed Business Impact Survey on Monday 23 March, closing this Friday.

BPIF Press Release 30.03.2020 - Size: 598Kb Download
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