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October 2018

Elitron TAV-R brings short run efficiency to Showcard Print

Elitron TAV-R brings short run efficiency to Showcard Print

Showcard Print have taken delivery of a new Elitron TAV-R 32.22 fully automatic cutting system. The new machine, supplied by Elitron’s UK distributor, Atech Limited, will bring versatility to Showcard’s short run and complex or intensive production runs.

“When Showcard needed high volume automated cutting and creasing we knew there was only the Elitron TAV that would do the job. We at Atech have been Elitron distributors for several years and are always impressed with the productivity of the machines in hard working environments. The TAV took this automation to another level and we knew right away it was the best solution for Showcard” - Allan Ashman, Atech MD

The TAV is a double headed automatic cutting machine boasting a working area of 3200x2200mm. With two independent cutting heads, it cuts a wide variety of materials and finishes each shape with extreme precision.

Without the need to create a traditional die for every new shape, lead times per job are reduced. The digitally controlled cutting heads do more than just cut as they move across the surface. It will crease materials up to 20mm thick and can also cut at a 45° angle.

The TAV makes shorter runs more cost effective and if a project requires a slight change, upload new artwork, and it’s back to work.

Improved accuracy

The TAV features Elitron’s patented Airo Panel technology. It brings a superior accuracy in the cutting and creasing of the printed sheets. This is a must on high end and complex units that Showcard work on. It is also beneficial where different sides have different colours or patterns.

The other major benefit it brings, is its ability to pick up the printed sheet and the completely cut waste. In traditional die cutting, tags are required to keep the sheet in one piece as it moves through the cutter. Operators must physically detach the waste from each cut panel, but not with the Elitron.

Not only does this speed up the process, it also gives a completely smooth finish; vital on high end work.

Finally, the Elitron will run long production cycles without the need for operator intervention thanks to the combination of two impressive features. The first is its large, automated, loading capacity and the second is its software that will notify Showcard’s operator via email of any problems.

“The TAV is a great addition, giving us the ability to accurately cut at high speed a whole range of materials and will significantly strengthen our Cardboard Design capability which is a key growth area for us” - Mark Smith, Showcard Print MD

The Elitron TAV is the third major investment that Showcard have made this year following the acquisition of an Inca Onset X3 and Lamina Blackline.

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