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December 2017

Get your business into shape in 2018

Get your business into shape in 2018

Being a member of the BPIF, means you are part of an organisation that has the heart of the sector, at the forefront of what it does. As we look forward to 2018 why not check out all the services available to you to help progress your business.

We continuously work with members to ensure that we offer the most relevant and up to date support services covering all business needs across the sector, including supporting change, adapting business models, training and developing staff and teams to meet and maximise opportunity.

With the start of the New Year just around the corner, it presents a great opportunity for you to take stock and get your business into shape by taking advantage of the following services:

- A HR Healthcheck  discuss your performance goals and people development issues for 2018

- A H&S Healthcheck  discuss how H&S can be attuned to performance and wellbeing and safety for all

- A Sales Healthcheck  to tune or develop your new revenue activities for 2018 and beyond

- A Process Review Healthcheck  to take out any friction points in your production

- Or a visit from one of our advisors about the marketplace, technology, innovation and adaptive business models in an environment of increased uncertainty

Why not also check out how these five high-impact cost saving services have the potential to make a considerable difference to your business.

1. BPIF Climate Changes Levy Rebate Scheme  with the Government's Climate Change Levy set to rise by 42% in 2019, being part of the scheme could help you save money. On average we've help printed companies save 90% off the levy on electricity and 65% on gas (rising to 93% and 78% respectively in 2019).

2. R&D Tax Credits  even if you've simply amended a production process or software, or have spent money on achieving something different a customer has asked for, you could be claiming money back on your expenditures.

3. GDPR Gap Analysis – when the new General Data Protection Regulations come into effect in May, breaching them could mean a business-busting fine, our experts will help you set clear goals and walk you through what you need to do to comply.

4. Accident Prevention  whether it's saving yourself the financial loss that comes with absenteeism thanks to a work related injury, or adopting more efficient health and safety procedures to help your business run more smoothly, our ample free resources give you every opportunity to keep your cash firmly in your company's pocket.

5. Process Improvement  tightening up your processes is a sure-fire way to make significant savings in the long-run, with a range of services from productivity healthchecks to cost rate reviews, the hands-on approach our BPIF Specialists take with your staff will ensure everyone's on board, so you're working together to adopt a more efficient, satisfying and money-saving environment.

To discuss any of these services or for more information please contact you Regional Director.


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