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December 2017

Project opportunities in Lancashire

Project opportunities in Lancashire

There are many opportunities in the North West that could dramatically enhance the quality of your business, lots of these can be found via discussions with local government bodies or universities, for example. Here at the BPIF we want to enable you to take full advantage of these opportunities, without having to spend days looking for them.

Two projects have been highlighted to us that could be of benefit to SME Members, both are through the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and offer the development of areas within your business at no cost.

The first of these projects is called ‘Transmission', this project aims to bring leaders from the digital, creative, advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital age. It will develop participants' leadership and management skills to ensure businesses are better equipped to address the challenges ahead. Click here to download more information.

The second project is called the ‘Lancashire Forum Creative', this is not a ‘one size fits all' programme - it has been designed from the outset with the needs of creative and digital SMEs at its core. Due to the different needs of businesses in our sector, there are different options to participants; a series of think tanks or an intensive 6 month programme. This programme is designed for senior managers/owners who want to develop their leadership skills and capabilities. More information is available here.

To participate in any of these programmes you must be within the county of Lancashire.

Please contact UCLan on 01772 892 858

Lancashire Forum Creative - Size: 80Kb Download
Transmission - Size: 91Kb Download
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For more information please contact:
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Darren Shepherd