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August 2017

The BPIF have teamed up with Inenco to provide members with an end-to-end utility solution

The BPIF have teamed up with Inenco to provide members with an end-to-end utility solution

Inenco are proud to support the British Printing Industries Federation's ongoing work with its members. As the sole recommended consultant for the BPIF, we will aim to provide an end-to-end utility solution. The time and resource required to staying abreast of new sustainability schemes, policy and legislation is increasing and the experts at Inenco can support you in achieving your budget, meeting compliance targets and offering insight and advice on sound investments with a quick payback.

Our energy traders procure over £1.3 billion of power and gas each year on behalf of over 800 organisations, making us one of the largest third party purchasers of energy in the UK. Established for almost 50 years, Inenco pioneered wholesale purchasing in 2003 and are still the market leader in energy procurement solutions. We are proud to work with the BPIF and Inenco's dedicated team are sector specialists, understanding the pressing challenges that face printing organisations across the UK.

Inenco's unique Options portfolio approach offers you the opportunity to take flexible approach to your energy procurement. We will work with you to determine your attitude to risk management and tailor your approach to fit your business objectives by spreading your volume across multiple purchasing strategies, each with its own level of risk and budget certainty.

At Inenco we pride ourselves in being able to assist you not only with how to buy your energy smartly, but also compliantly and our expert team can advise you how to reduce your consumption and identify new opportunities through technology, market opportunities and processes. Our service is designed to enable you to derive the maximum benefit from the complex world of energy management.

Complying with mandatory schemes is too important to leave to chance and our dedicated compliance team are true experts in their field. We understand the intricacies and differences in reporting requirements for a full range of compulsory and optional energy and environmental schemes such as greenhouse gas reporting, climate change agreements, carbon disclosure project and EU emissions trading system.

Not forgetting the fast-approaching ESOS Phase 2 deadline in 2019. Some organisations are considering ISO 50001 to implement a robust energy management system and make future ESOS compliance easier.

With so many upcoming changes across the energy landscape, businesses need to be prepared. Next year will see the introduction of the Energy Intensive Industry (EII) exemption, which is great news for exempt businesses, but those that aren't eligible will have to absorb the extra costs - which is expected to raise RO and FiT costs by around 6% for each business. Also, the Climate Change Levy (CCL) tax is due to increase by 46% when the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is abolished in 2019. How can you prepare for these cost increases?

Inenco has worked in the manufacturing sector for many years, helping numerous organisations understand their energy usage and improve their energy efficiency. We understand the various challenges faced by the sector and appreciate that energy takes up a significant portion of a business' running costs, so it's priority to review your strategy.

By choosing Inenco as your utility consultant, you have at your disposal a vast array of expertise all under one roof.

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